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The roadmap towards a 9+ organization

What is a CX Maturity Scan?

Altuïtion's CX Maturity Scan is an advanced audit tool that assesses and analyzes the maturity of an organization or organizational unit over a period of approximately three to five weeks. Altuïtion developed the CX Maturity Scan together with Liberty Global and had it validated in ten countries.   

The CX Maturity Scan: 

  • Pinpoints the current position of an organization with regard to all important customer themes.
  • Shows the status of the essential connections between these themes.
  • Contains internationally established best practices on these themes.
  • Devotes attention to the emotional aspects of customer experience, such as by analyzing more than 350 emotional customer journeys.
  • Has already been successfully applied at dozens of organizations in B2C and B2B. 
After the audit, by means of the CX Maturity Scan follows the Customer Excellence Roadmap (CER), which serves as a roadmap for change. This is drawn up together with teams composed of the various organizational units and disciplines involved.
The CER:
  • Provides an overview and timing of necessary improvements in and by the various disciplines involved.
  • Ensures coherence and connection between these strategic and tactical improvements through improvement routes.
  • Provides the organization with operational roadmaps on all themes.
  • Connects directly to agile teams (if present).
Dozens of organizations made use of the CER in:
  • Preventing sub-optimization of customer-focused improvement activities and solutions.
  • Safeguarding the competitive position. 
  • Linking KPIs to the intended Customer Excellence.
  • Managing the improvement agendas of the teams/agile teams.
  • Setting up a dashboard to monitor and adjust the results, such as breakthroughs in customer satisfaction, NPS, and growth.
The combination of the CX Maturity Scan and CER stands for the step-by-step and integral realization of the Customer Excellence Roadmap throughout the entire organization in a way that suits the brand and its own employees!  

9+ Way of Working

CX is te belangrijk om alleen aan de afdeling CX over te laten

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9+ Leiderschap

Hoe kun je een leidende rol spelen op weg naar customer centricity?

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9+ Eigenaarschap

Teams willen graag samenwerken met klantbeleving als gelijkrichter

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