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Complete and proven Customer & Employee Journey Framework

Integrated CX- & EX-Toolbox: Based on more than 20 years of knowledge and experience of experience management

Because customer and employee experience management is taking hold throughout organizations, the directly involved CX- and EX-managers and professionals such as CX expert leads, Customer Journey managers, marketers, HR-professionals and customer experience managers are expected to continuously professionalize. This professionalization requires a universal and powerful toolset. Based on its extensive experience and market leadership in the field of Customer & Employee Journeys, Journey Management, and Customer Experience Management, Altuïtion has developed and made available a unique, integral set of tools and methodologies for CX- and EX-professionals of existing and new clients. Altuïtion can offer clients an integral process, if desired up to and including Guiding Principles and a Customer Journey Handbook, partly based on the Basisboek Customer Journey (introduction to the Customer Journey) that we have written for higher professional education.

Within the CX- and EX-Toolset, we make a distinction between tools at management level and tools for professionals who will work with them concretely. In addition, we distinguish the following two phases:


1. Training/implementing the tools

It is advisable to train a small team of professionals from the organization who are able to use the tools and to set up and facilitate the associated sessions and run smaller and medium-sized projects. This CX/EX-team can be deployed at will in business projects. The training sessions can be organized in-house. During the training, the client is given the specified formats and tools to use. Tools and formats can be tailor-made.

2. Actual use and application

After the training comes the use phase. Here, experience shows that there is often still a need for coaching when someone wants to use a certain session or tool for the first time. There are two basic forms that Altuïtion's clients use for support: having an Altuïtion Coach available for one to two days a week for a number of months and/or having Altuïtion be part of the relevant CX/EX-team for the first four to six months, so as to assist people within the organization in sessions and projects and to help them gain practical experience.



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