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Integral targeting of the emotional experience



An integrated vision and way of working

The Customer Journey is becoming more and more important as a methodology but also as a central proposition and as an organizing principle. The Customer Journey has been discovered and embraced by many organizations in many commercial sectors, such as banking, construction, energy, trade, hospitality, ICT, industry, leisure and travel, technical and business services, telecom, and insurance, but also in healthcare and government. Part of this development is that initiatives are interlinked; that they add up, both for the customer and for the organization itself. We call this integral vision and working method Customer JourneyX Management.


It's about the coherence and mutual reinforcement of Customer Journey Mapping, Customer Journey Making (including service design and implementations), Customer Mining (including customer feedback, voice of the customer programs, and Customer Journey analytics), and Customer Journey Management (including the brand, KPI control, 9+ leadership, strategy, and governance). Over the past 21 years, Altuïtion has developed coherent services, including partnerships, and is the connector and journey leader for an increasing number of clients to tackle the CX approach integrally.


Customer JourneyX Management: Mainly a matter of tactics

Real 9+ organizations do not see Customer Experience (CX) and emotional customer experience as a project, but as a means to offer the customer a good basic service with a customer-satisfaction rating from 7 to 8+. In addition, they see it as an instrument and also increasingly as a discipline, enabling them to regularly offer a stand-out service to the customer (9+). 

It is precisely this lateral thinking that leads to the CX position in organizations increasingly taking on the character of a liaison officer. This is defined by the service and experience design, the brand promise, customer service, sales and operations, and the feedback organization/infrastructure and leads to the question: How do I make sure that I involve everyone and keep them enthusiastic, and how do I make sure that individual initiatives really add up? In other words, the CX liaison officer keeps their finger on the pulse by means of targeted and emotional feedback, and adjusts propositions and service processes by learning, analyzing, experimenting, and continuously improving together with the relevant teams on customer experience with the right mix between 7+ and 9+ customer experiences. In this way, the CX manager fills the tactical gap that exists in many organizations between strategy and brand promise on the one hand and operation/teams on the other. This is all the more essential now that more and more agile and scrum approaches are being used at the operational level. After all, if agile or scrum teams do not get a clear direction from Customer Journeys and the desired brand impact, they will set their own priorities and unfortunately often sub-optimize despite the best intentions.

Altuïtion helps organizations and their CX managers with:
-    The acceleration of the desired results and innovations that need to be implemented in the various improvement projects related to customer service and experience during the journey that the customer undergoes with the organization. 
-    The smart translation of emotional brand promises into manageable principles and tools for the teams to ensure the brand resonates in all the service and attention that is there for the customer.
-    The activation of employees and teams to deliver on the promises of the organization a little better every day. 
-    Determining the strategy and tactics to take the next step on all relevant 9+ organizational factors from the Customer Experience Maturity Model (see below): from Brand Connection to Employee & Team Empowerment, from Customer Journey (anchoring and management) to Service & Experience Design, and from customer-control themes to Emotional Feedback Management.



Customer Experience Maturity Model Altuïtion

Customer Journey Mapping

Where, when, and how to make the emotional connection

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Customer Journey

Distinguishing, relevant, and impactful experiences 

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Customer Journey

Fact-based Customer Journey Management

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