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Learning to look, think, and act based on Customer Journeys

This masterclass is suitable for marketing and marketing communication professionals who want to increase the return on their marketing and communication efforts by making them an integral part of the online and offline Customer Journey. Instead of separate messages, the focus is on creating meaningful communication during a journey of contact moments that really speaks to the target group and enables a true emotional interaction with the customer instead of simply “sending.”

Participants in the Customer Journey Masterclass learn:
  • What the ideal Customer Journey is.
  • What the added value of Customer Journeys and thinking from a customer-experience perspective is.
  • How they can get their organization involved in realizing the ideal Customer Journey.
  • Where they can really make a difference in the Customer Journey and how they can continue to do so.
  • How they can create a better experience at a lower cost.


Customer Journey Mapping, Making, Mining, and Management: Integrated

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Way of Working

CX is too important to only be addressed by the CX department

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Competence development

CX skills and CX competences developed

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