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In-house professionals who are experts at Customer Journey techniques

In combination with a Customer Journey Mapping project, Altuïtion offers clients the opportunity to sign up one or more employees for a Customer Journey ESPE™ Master course.

This training program consists of five modules and enables participants to independently supervise new Customer Journey Mapping projects. The training runs synchronously with the implementation of the Customer Journey, involving the participants as quickly as possible for maximum learning impact.

These five modules are:
  1. Touchpoint analysis
  • Determine the scope, goal, and target audience of a Customer Journey.
  • Analyzing current processes and contact moments (integral touchpoint analysis).
  • Structuring information into preliminary customer process steps.
  1. Experience interviews
  • Understanding research techniques (laddering, metaphors).
  • Identifying conscious and subconscious motives, needs, and, often unspoken, expectations.
  • Going through the Classic Experiences™.
  1. Experience analysis
  • Translating individual observations into generic, relevant insights and experience themes.
  • Establishing the emotions per process step in an Emotion Curve.
  1. Creating 9+ ideas and 9+ concepts
  • Identify Moments of Truth for the customer.
  • Generating 9+ ideas based on Emotional Design Principles.
  1. Next Steps
  • Tools for turning 9+ ideas into reality.
  • Tools for understanding and safeguarding the customer experience.
  • Implementing the Classic Experiences™ for new Customer Journeys.

Altuïtion has already trained more than 200 Customer Journey ESPE™ Masters in-company in recent years.

Would you like to become a 9+ organization and excel in emotional customer and employee experience?

We can tell you all about it and will be happy to answer all your questions!

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Each 9+ experience
increases enthusiasm and success.

- Stephan van Slooten