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9+ Organization

In recent years, a large number of organizations have taken steps in their 9+ Organization Journey. More and more organizations put the emotional customer and employee experience and the Customer Journey central and improve and professionalize their Customer Experience Management. And we are proud to say that this happens more and more often in partnership with Altuïtion, partly on the basis of the results of Altuïtion's 9+ Organization Maturity Scan. In itself, this process is also a journey that organizations undertake, in which Altuïtion often acts as a guide and very much enjoys doing so.

A 9+ Organization Journey is undertaken with a dual objective. Firstly, to increase the existing service level for customers. And secondly, and just as importantly, to strengthen the emotional relationship with these customers. By showing sincere interest in the customer at the right moments in the customer journey and responding to their needs, the customer feels heard and understood with greater involvement and more confidence in the organization as a tangible result.

It is striking that Customer Journeys and Employee Journeys increasingly go hand in hand: Organizations use their Customer Experience Management to make smart connections between and with all departments and teams who are jointly responsible for the customer experience during the Customer Journey. This leads to a lot of new energy for employees who also get extra satisfaction from delivering a 9+ customer experience.

Organizations are increasingly implementing Customer JourneyX Management, Service Design, and digitization to combine convenience and efficiency for the customer and their own organization with an involved, personal approach at the right Moment of Truth and in the right context, in an approach that is High Tech and High Touch. Customer Experience Management has a strong positive impact on the loyalty, spontaneous recommendation behavior, and the share-of-wallet of many companies – and that will be no different in the coming years!