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Frequently set goals

For inspiration, see the specific goals and typical motives of Altuïtion's clients in the past period, both from board/management and professionals:

From the board/management

  • Help me to distinguish myself in the field of experience, because I'm struggling to do so with my current products and services.
  • Help me to load our brand promises and strategy into daily processes and really prove it in everyday practice.
  • Help me to realize a brand-worthy customer experience that is consistent across all channels.
  • How can I take Customer Journey Management to the next level?
  • Help me to create a new story, a new vision, a new approach, a new steppingstone for the next period to build on top of what we have done before. 
  • Help me provide a foundation for organizational continuity.
  • Help me get a customer-focused, customer-experience focused, and Customer Journey-focused movement going. How do I realize a 9+ Way of Working? 
  • We want to achieve an unambiguous operating concept, unambiguous proposition, or unambiguous way of working (way of looking, thinking, and doing) for the entire organization.
  • Offer our organization a “light at the end of the tunnel’”, optimism, and energy through an outside-in approach.
  • Help us achieve our KPIs (NPS, E-NPS, revenue growth, conversion, proposition innovation/distinction, customer satisfaction for big customers, connect the brand more strongly with CX).
  • Help with CX capacity.
  • Help me develop Customer Journeys into a full-fledged proposition for our organization.
  • Help me with CX competency development and help me bring my people to a higher level. I want help that will give me the necessary CX competences.
  • Help me to get CX widely accepted/embraced and to take a big step forward in this regard. All our employees have to put the customer and customer experience in first place, how do I do that? And how can they combine that with the many other priorities they already have?
  • Help me with tools for our CX employees and other employees responsible for CX, whether or not in agile teams.
  • Help me to achieve the following:
    • Our employees learn to look, think, and act in a customer-centric way.
    • Readiness for change is enhanced.
    • Collaboration in the chain is improved and a breakthrough can be realized.
    • We can connect Lean/SixSigma and a Customer Journey/CX way of thinking.
    • We can connect agile working and a Customer Journey/CX way of thinking and acting.
    • Help me with insights/journeys as a link to CX and as a basis for ICT requirements.

From professionals:

  • What are our Key Customer Journeys, how do I keep an overview, and how can I set up Customer Journey Management?
  • Help me to create a new story, a new vision, a new approach, a new steppingstone for the next period to build on top of what I have done before.
  • Help me to achieve my specific KPI and fulfil my promise to:
    • Innovate the operating concept/approach
    • Increase the NPS/customer satisfaction
    • Increase employee satisfaction and reduce absence due to illness
    • Increase conversion and/or turnover
    • Distinguish myself from the competition
    • Ensure broad CX competence development
  • Help me with my capacity, whether or not in an agile team
  • Help me with my personal development and competence development
  • Help me with practical tools for our CX professionals and other CX managers
  • Help me get those responsible for implementing the Customer Journey on the right emotional level
  • Specific Customer Journey goal/CX goal:
    • Develop an innovative and disruptive Ideal Customer Journey or map a future digital Customer Journey.
    • Design a new, broad standard Customer Journey approach that can be used at different levels within the organization.
    • We have a lot of Customer Journeys, a lot of insights, and a full backlog. Help us make the right substantiated choices to do the right things the right way.
    • Give the Customer Journey and moments of truth the right emotional overtones.
    • We are going to work with NPS, but help me to see how we can distil the right input from it to structurally achieve small and big loop improvements.
    • I am now responsible for NPS. How are we going to speed up the NPS and the number of promoters? I want to get a better insight into the real drivers of a higher NPS, and I want to better understand how these drivers are linked to customer drivers.
    • Help me with Emotional Customer Journey/Customer Journey Analytics crossovers.
    • Help me with insights/journeys as a link to CX and as a basis for ICT. We want to set up an ideal briefing for an automation process.

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