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The numbers tell the tale: Fact-based CX

What is Customer Journey Mining?

Customer Journey Mining is about the process of monitoring, analyzing, and reporting Customer Journey data and improvement processes and customer feedback. After all, organizations want to know whether the conceived and implemented 9+ Design concepts actually contribute to a better experience during the Customer Journey, and thus to the realization of the predefined objectives. Or in other words, has the Customer Journey made sense in terms of the experience?

In addition, monitoring, analyzing, and reporting the actual online and offline customer behavior in the Customer Journey, together with feedback from Voice of the Customer methods, can provide useful insights to implement any further improvements. The question is: how can we ensure that the improvements are anchored and become part of a new Way of Working?


Why undertake Customer Journey Mining with Altuïtion?

Altuïtion has extensive experience in setting up customer feedback programs, both in the consumer market and in B2B sectors. As a Customer Experience Consultancy, we want to provide the best possible service, so we work together with two independent specialized partner organizations: Underlined and CYS. These are leading companies in the Netherlands specialized in co-creation with data-driven Customer Journey Analytics and customer feedback design and monitoring.


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