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End-to-end understanding of what really inspires the customer

What is a Customer Journey?

A Customer Journey is an analysis technique that visualizes the changing expectations and experience pattern of the customer during the different phases of omni-channel sales, customer service, or a service process. This enables organizations to visualize the unspoken, subconscious expectations, uncertainties, and emotions of a customer and to literally bring them together in one image. The results are then mirrored with the actual communication and process from within the organization to assess what is going well and where improvements can be made. These insights can then be used to effectively implement improvements in propositions, communication and contact moments, and customer processes. The results can also be used to work on a digital transformation in a targeted way.

What is our vision for Customer Journeys?

More parties are offering Customer Journeys. Usually these are nothing more than functional or organizational touchpoint analyses. For Altuïtion, however, a Customer Journey coincides with the concept of the customer experience journey: not only the physical contact moments are analyzed, but also everything a customer feels and experiences around such a moment (i.e. an analysis of the emotional customer experience). We use a unique set of tools for these analyses, including Experience Interviews and the patented ZMET® research method.

Why map out the Customer Journey with Altuïtion?

Altuïtion was one of the first parties to introduce the Customer Journey method (ESPE™) to the Dutch market and has since carried out hundreds of projects with large, medium-sized, and smaller market parties in a wide range of sectors. In addition to the classic Customer Journey, Altuïtion has gained extensive experience in special applications of the Customer Journey, such as the Employee Journey™, the Patient Journey, and the brand-worthy Signature Journey™.


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