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Book for higher professional education: Basisboek Customer Journey; een inleiding in het vakgebied

Within the field of customer experience management, the Customer Journey is the most important method to achieve that success. Customer needs, customer insights, vision, strategy, brand, process, data, internal and external cooperation: everything comes together in the Customer Journey. Basisboek Customer Journey (available in Dutch only) has been especially developed for students at universities of applied sciences to introduce them to a completely new and fascinating field of study. With this book, students and other readers gain insight into practical techniques, formats, tools and tips; how customer experience and Customer Journeys can be used to achieve optimal results for the customer and for the organization; how an emotional connection can be made with customers and employees; the most advanced form of the Customer Journey methodology, brilliant cases, and the bundled knowledge and experience from hundreds of Customer-Journey projects and programs over the past 21 years.

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Klanthelden in de 9+ organisatie; excelleren in emotionele klantbeleving

Customer heroes are companies that customers can get really excited about. They are 9+ experiences, service processes, employees, teams, or even entire organizations that are able to have an emotional impact on customers. The result? High degree of loyalty, exceptional 9+ customer satisfaction, spontaneous recommendations, and an improved commercial result.

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De 9+ organisatie; van marketshare naar mindshare

A perspective of the 9+ organization: A company that is completely built on the foundation of customer experience and makes the difference in that customer experience (9+) at the right time and in the right way. But how do you do that? And, most importantly, what does it result in? In ten inspiring chapters, the authors explain how elements such as the subconscious customer experience can be put at the center of all commercial business processes and which techniques contribute to this effectively. The result is an effective paradigm shift: the shift from Operational Excellence to Customer Excellence. The authors envision that successful organizations will realize an important part of their growth by becoming much more relevant in the customer's experience. They acquire mindshare, resulting in a higher market share.

And the cherry on top? Completely satisfied and loyal customers!

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