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Continuous innovation: Insight-based and brand valuable

The 9+ Customer experience as a distinguishing factor and as a new quality

Seeing customer experience as the new quality leads 9+ organizations to the realization that carrying out projects and activities in the challenging field of customer experience and 9+ customer experience requires an integrated CX framework and, importantly, also a shared mindset of continuous attention and continuous improvement – similar to other forms of quality experience and quality control. As part of Altuïtion's vision, it is therefore wise to connect to the quality systems already present within organizations as much as possible.
For the 9+ Way of Working, this means integrating with existing agile practices and other practices in which multidisciplinary teams work and innovate organization-wide with the right design and implementation tools, with team and employee empowerment, smart feedback management, and the broad implementation of looking, thinking, and acting from a Customer-Journey-based approach throughout the organization.
For Customer JourneyX Management, this means connecting to customer-quality KPIs throughout the organization and to all management layers, and developing competences in the field of Customer Journey Mapping, Making, Mining, and Management. After all, customer experience as the new quality requires new competences such as emotional Customer Journeys, the emotional design of service concepts, focusing on emotional feedback, and emotional dashboards based on the right data and analytics.

Altuïtion is happy to help you with the customization required to ensure that 9+ customer experience and CX activities are fully in line with your current philosophy of continuous team-based and agile improvement, including a framework and complete toolset that guarantees the quality control of all CX activities.

9+ Way of Working

CX is te belangrijk om alleen aan de afdeling CX over te laten

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9+ Leiderschap

Hoe kun je een leidende rol spelen op weg naar customer centricity?

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CX Toolbox

Ruim 20 jaar ervaring gebundeld in een uniek en compleet CX Framework

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