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About Altuïtion


Altuïtion was founded in 1997. Since 2000, this leading Customer & Employee Experience Consultancy agency in the Netherlands has specialized in innovation and change processes focusing on the experience of the customers and employees. We apply our expertise to both a B2C and B2B environment.

Customer & Employee Experience in first place

This means putting Customer & Employee Journeys in first place. Altuïtion introduced the Customer Journey method to the Dutch market at an early stage at a large number of leading organizations. From the outset, Altuïtion has invested in Emotional Customer & Employee Journeys, which are developed together with teams of clients. Analyzing and adding the emotional component in the journeys is an essential and distinguishing element of Altuïtion. It enables clients to specifically distinguish themselves and deliver additional value to their customers, where a good product and service alone can hardly do so anymore. After all, over the past ten years, organizations have taken enormous (but often the same) steps in operational excellence, often in combination with digital innovations and a team-based agile way of working. In combination with the Internet and increased transparency, organizations have become very similar and therefore easily interchangeable from the customer's point of view if there are no new distinguishing factors. This has resulted in hypercompetition. Responding much more directly and personally to customer needs and customer experience in particular offers great opportunities in this respect.

Becoming emotional

By responding to the customer & employee experience and deep customer and employee needs, subconscious expectations are regularly surpassed with 9+ experiences that affect the emotions. As a result, the organization in question becomes top of mind with its customers, leading to spontaneous recommendations, loyalty, and autonomous growth. This same effect cannot be achieved with further improvement of operational excellence, “not because you don't do it well, but because it doesn't matter.”

9+ organizations continuously work on this emotional customer experience and strengthen their relationship with customers. This paradox of organizing an emotional customer experience (engagement engineering), based on a set of emotional Customer & Employee Journeys, offers clients a future-proof and recognizable way of focusing and implementing the rapidly growing worldwide field of Customer & Employee Experience Management.

JourneyX Management and 9+ Way of Working

Clients, in cooperation with Altuïtion, use JourneyX Management to tactically focus on customer experience and to make connections with the brand (Signature Journeys) and customer KPIs for the entire organization. Feedback and Service Design are also linked, which leads to the creation of a 9+ Way of Working in which employees and teams across the organization show ownership in the continuous improvement of customer performance and customer and employee experience.

This last effect is perhaps the greatest gift that clients give themselves when they undertake the journey to become a 9+ organization, as the involvement of employees increases significantly. This is strongly reinforced by also using all methods and tools aimed at customers for employees and the employee experience, such as Employee Experience Reflections within Customer Journeys and targeted Employee Journeys.

9+ Journey leader

We invite you to explore your journey to becoming a 9+ organization with us! We have a highly experienced team of specialists with backgrounds ranging from hospitality, psychology, marketing, and business administration. ICT-specific knowledge is also available to guide you through the digital aspects of Customer Journeys. As a journey leader, we want to work with you to make your 9+ Organization Journey a great success!

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