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Emotional experience throughout the chain

What is a 9+ Way of Working? Towards a culture of continuous improvement for the customer

Effectivity = Quality x Acceptance is a well-known formula. This means that it is not only crucial to develop razor-sharp qualitative analyses, creative implementations, distinctive service concepts, and Ideal Customer Journeys, but that at least as much attention should be paid to the perception, attitude, and behavior of employees and management.

As an organization, how do you ensure that they not only accept the new developments, but actually embrace them and turn them into actions? How do you actually make employees and management the starting point of the change? It is our experience that this only succeeds if there is explicit attention for energy, impact, and relevance for the company's own employees in programs and projects not only in the regular coordination activities within the organization, but especially outside of these. This is what we call a 9+ Way of Working (9+ WoW).

A 9+ Way of Working is a way of working of an organization that is recognizable and unambiguous for the customer and that regularly provides the customer with a 9+ experience. The organization is able to deliver this experience time and time again and across all processes and is able to keep it authentic and constantly innovative in order to continue to exceed customer expectations.

A 9+ WoW is an internal, unambiguous way of looking, thinking, doing, and working together for the entire organization that matches the customer needs and the brand values and central brand promise.  

Why work towards a 9+ WoW with Altuïtion? 

In recent years, in co-creation with many different clients, Altuïtion has developed and tested 9+ Way of Working – it's proven to be effective. We understand that employees have a great influence on a positive experience or a negative customer experience, especially in these digital times. Many organizations still involve a lot of human contact, so it is essential to really use the insights derived from this and apply them where they have the most impact: on the shop floor.

Altuïtion uses a two-pronged approach when developing a 9+ WoW. We ensure that CX awareness is created among management and employees and that a way of looking, thinking, and acting – all focused on customer experience – is consistently applied in daily practice. To ingrain this in the organization, we make use of inspiration sessions, best practices, and practical working methods.

Parallel to this process, we ensure that ownership is created for specific parts of the Customer Journeys in the various multidisciplinary teams across the entire organization. This increases the chance that, in the countless individual decisions of employees, the customer's interests and customer experience are taken into account not only in the customer contact center and on the shop floor, but integrally throughout the entire chain.
As inventors of the 9+ philosophy and the 9+ Way of Working, we create tools for and with organizations to load customer relationships with emotional depth and keep them alive over the long term by constantly adding value to the customer's life and journey.

In the 9+ Way of Working, the key Customer Journeys are organized and orchestrated end-to-end on a strategic level. On a tactical level, we also look, think, and work from a Customer Journey perspective, but through Episode Journeys. In this way, the 9+ organization maximizes the chance that employees think and act in one-on-one contact from a customer-focused context and based on customer needs.  


The value of 9+ WoW in your organization

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