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The secret of leadership is simple: simply follow your customer-oriented heart.

It's all about practicing what you preach, including within CX.

Long-term emotional relationships with customers and employees form both the point of departure and the final destination for a 9+ organization. To keep this relationship healthy, management and the board of directors have to continuously aim towards its success. We call this type of leadership 9+ Leadership.

Whereas increasing customer value was once the same as increasing the economic value that the customer has for the organization, the concept of 9+ Leadership means we now look at the concept of customer value from a new perspective: as the value that the organization has for the customer. The customer value for the organization then becomes a logical result as does the ambassadorship of customers and employees.

Altuïtion offers a 9+ Leadership program in which managers and board members learn how employees can be stimulated and motivated to take the customer experience to the next level, a little better every day.

9+ Way of Working

CX is te belangrijk om alleen aan de afdeling CX over te laten

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9+ Eigenaarschap

Teams willen graag samenwerken met klantbeleving als gelijkrichter

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CX Toolbox

Ruim 20 jaar ervaring gebundeld in een uniek en compleet CX Framework

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Would you like to become a 9+ organization and excel in emotional customer and employee experience?

We can tell you all about it and will be happy to answer all your questions!

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Each 9+ experience
increases enthusiasm and success.

- Stephan van Slooten