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Our partners


Olson Zaltman Associates

Altuïtion has an exclusive license for the use of the ZMET® method in the Netherlands. ZMET® represents a breakthrough in research techniques and the measurability of subconscious needs, motivations, and unspoken expectations. ZMET® was developed by Gerald Zaltman of the Harvard Business School.

"Altuïtion has an exclusive license within the Netherlands to use the patented ZMET® method developed by Gerald Zaltman at the Harvard Business School. The ZMET® patent (USA Patent Number 5,436,830) is owned by Olson Zaltman & Associates, LLC. This license is authorized by Olson Zaltman & Associates, LLC."



Underlined is an organization that has developed an SAAS platform to collect and link customer behavior data with customer feedback data, after which it uses mining techniques to process the data to get good insights and control information about the customer journey, about the perceived experience, and about the choices to be made for improvement and savings. Underlined is Altuïtion's partner for Customer Journey Mining and Altuïtion is Underlined's Customer Experience Consultancy partner.



CYS is specialized in collecting and analyzing customer and employee feedback. CYS provides a feedback platform for employees and customers to collect, analyze, and report feedback. CYS is an expert at continuous measurement, root cause analyses, and creating accessible reports. CYS has developed advanced and accessible software, and Altuïtion is CYS' Customer Experience Consultancy partner.


Business Models Inc.

Business Models Inc. (BMI) is an international design agency for strategy and innovation. BMI helps clients to design a better business, always from a strategic approach. BMI has won two international awards for the design process called "Double Loop." Altuïtion and Business Models Inc. work together with clients on new business models and winning propositions.

SRM is the leading training institute for new and more experienced professionals in marketing, online marketing, marketing communication, and communication. Together with SRM, Altuïtion organizes the Customer Journey Masterclass and the Impactful Customer Experience Masterclass.  ​​​

University of Groningen Business School

The University of Groningen Business School (UGBS) offers executive programs and Master's programs at an academic level with a practical emphasis, aimed at the further development of professionals and the organizations where they work. Together with UGBS, Altuïtion organizes the Customer Experience Management program, both in-company and via open enrolment.

Klantgericht Verbeteren

For training we regularly work together with Klantgericht Verbeteren. This agency believes, as we do, that customer focus is increased by strengthening teams. Klantgericht Verbeteren is DISC-certified (DISC is a personal assessment tool) and the trainers are CRKBO-registered teachers (Central Register of Short-Term Vocational Education).

Dichter Bij De Kern (DBDK)

Dichter Bij De Kern (DBDK) was founded by Bart van Ratingen. DBDK's mission is to write clear texts and also to present complex issues in a comprehensible way. As an editor, Bart has made an important contribution to all three books published by Altuïtion. As passionate perfectionists, we ask a lot of our business partners. The fact that Bart has been our in-house writer and editor for many years says a lot – in a very positive sense – about his professionalism, craftsmanship, and flexibility.

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