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Making a real difference functionally and emotionally

What is Customer Journey Making?

Customer Journey Making with Altuïtion has two important components: firstly, converting the rich results of a Customer Journey Mapping project into a new 9+ Way of Working in which management and employees are directly involved and activated. And secondly, converting the results of a Customer Journey into new services, experiences, and products including entirely new service concepts for customers. This is known as proposition development. At Altuïtion, we translate this second component into practical small and larger propositions that make a difference in the customer's experience: The 9+ Designs.

Altuïtion always organizes this process through an agile approach together with the teams/employees of the client in co-creation. This is not only because employees who work with clients on a daily basis have good ideas, but also because this ensures that employees receive immediate emotional feedback about the effect of the intended improvements in customer experience, creating more ownership. This produces a culture of continuous improvement of customer services.

Why undertake Customer Journey Making with Altuïtion? 

Precisely because Altuïtion takes a dual approach together with its clients: in a new Way of Working and in proposition innovations. We want to focus of the latter. The development of new 9+ concepts and propositions is easier said than done. This is shown by the fact that, normally, only two out of ten newly launched propositions are successful in the market.

That is why, when it comes to Customer Journey Making, Altuïtion always bases itself on customer insights as a source for ideas and implementations that really make a breakthrough. By looking at the experience and the deeper, emotional motives and associations of customers, we help organizations with proven methodologies such as Service Design and Emotional Design to effectively develop and implement concrete 9+ ideas and 9+ propositions with an increased chance of success in the market. We do this by ensuring a high level of interaction during the process with the client and especially with consumers or business-to-business customers from the target group. To realize this, we use the insights from the Customer Journey Mapping process and ZMET®, the methodology for identifying the subconscious customer experience.

What can Customer Journey Making be used for?

On the basis of the Altuïtion method and our expertise, we help clients to:

  • Discover customer insights within one day and to define the key insights for the current issue (Insights Day).
  • Determine the potential opportunities based on the key insights (defining the top-ten opportunities).
  • Design the associated 9+ concepts and 9+ propositions based on the insights and business figures.
  • Co-create and concept test the breakthrough propositions in a state-of-the-art environment.
  • Determine the market connection and business casing.

But the sustainable effect of collaborating with Altuïtion is at its most effective if the innovation takes place not only in the area of propositions, but also in learning to look, think, and act from a Customer Journey-based approach throughout the organization in a 9+ Way of Working.

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